About Us

Welcome to the Newly Created Mister Miller.

Where you will find handmade caps, individual handcrafted by me, Tyler Miller.

I have been making cut and sew caps for the last 25 years, collaborating with different designers, British and Worldwide. Making headwear for TV Shows and also working on bespoke collections for varies clients.

I'm passionate on working with the best fabrics from the best fabric mills, as I believe it will only give the best high quality finish to all my caps.

I always go out off my way to make a great cap, where I allow my craftsmanship to show through.  From design to hand sewing, from pattern making to the finishing product.  This is where you know that each and every cap is made and sold by me.

My aim is for you to receive that personal, informative service, where I can guarantee, you can be confidence in your purchase and experience.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy browsing my shop.